Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TagBoard Message Board

Finally, I have my own TagBoard. I'm happy that I'm able to set it up on my own. (Well...others had consultation :p). It took me almost the whole day trying to fix the error - there was a huge blank space before my TagBoard. What was the problem? It was caused by 4 characters: <ul>. Only 4 characters!!!! This is so irritating, right? That 4 characters have caused such a big problem. I should have deleted that line ages ago to ease my pain. *sigh*

Actually, this is not the first time I had to debug a code. As a lecturer who teaches programming, I have been doing debugging for the last 11 years. Even a single semicolon (;) can generate tonnes of errors. So, the nuisance that the 4 characters created is no surprise. Four is nothing compared to one semicolon. was a good learning experience - No pain, no gain.

Feel free to tag a message. Please don't waste my effort, ya? :p


Kinson said...

Haha, yeah, something so small....causing something BIG...typical programming...irritating :s

Anyways, congrats on solving it(that feeling is always great), hehe :)

Li Wen

DoctorCabokia said...

It's worse when the code is not yours. Most of the time, I need to debug student's code.

Yup, the feeling is always great when you see the correct result.