Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Convocation Day

I have been trying to upload some convocation photos the whole morning but couldn't. *sigh*

Let me just pen down some of the highlights ...

Woke up at 6:15 am.
Left the house at around 7 am (Seng Chor, my sis and I - Jordan was at the babysitter)
Arrived at the Examination Building at about 7:15 am.
My sister helped me to put on my hood. Not easy. Thank God she was around to help. She was like my bridesmaid once again. :)
Just before 8 am, we marched into the main Hall - Dewan Tunku Canselor.
Sat on the right side of the Hall - second row.
The main Academic Procession entered the Hall before 9:30 am.
Speech from Tuanku Chancellor - Sultan Azlan Shah (short and sweet)
Speech from Vice Chancellor - quite lenghty
Salutation and presentation of the Honorary Award - long
Speech by recipient of the Honorary Award - very long - half an hour
Finally, at about 10:30 - the award for PhD commenced, according to the Faculty.
Waited for my turn...
Walked to edge of the stage.
The Dean of my Faculty read out my name.
So, I walked to the center of the stage, stopped, bowed, took a step forward, shook hand with the Sultan. He congratulated me in English. Actually, I have planned to respond in Malay - "Menjunjung Kasih, Tuanku", but because he congratulated me in English, it was an automatic response for me to thank him in English - "Thank you, Tuanku". I said it twice. Then, took a step backward, bowed again and walked away. Phew! It was smooth. I remembered to smile too.

After the ceremony, Tuanku stayed back to take photos with us. What a privilege!

Four of my students came - Danny, Gary, Yee Chia and Jonathan. I got a bouquet of red roses from them. How lovely! More wanted to come but I sort of discouraged them because of the limited parking space.

After some phototaking sessions, we went home for lunch. I took the day off. So, slept in the afternoon to prepare myself for the Convocation Dinner at night.

8 pm.
Seng Chor dropped me at PJ Hilton for the Dinner with the Sultan and his prince (handsome lah). I managed to squeeze myself into a red Kebaya (Malay dress) that I bought few years ago from the BUC family carnival. Phew! I was really careful that the dress didn't go 'piak' suddenly.
The UM symphony orchestra performed - cool! Got live singing as well.

The Dinner was ok - Malay style. I enjoyed the soup and dessert.

Dinner ended at 10:30 pm. Seng Chor came to pick me up, and he gave me a special treat - DURIAN !!! What a treat to end the day with my favourite fruit! Yummy...

It was an auspicious and memorable day. All praise to God!

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