Monday, August 28, 2006

Increment and Bonus

In conjunction with my added qualification, the College Management is pleased to make a revision to my salary as part of its incentive for staff. I thank God for this salary adjustment incentive. It is not a lot but I'm really thankful that the increment starts this August instead of next year. I have earlier on declined a higher position. ( I said, I don't want a promotion, but I don't mind higher pay).

The Bonus - this is a wonderful surprise. I didn't expect this. Again in recognition of my PhD award, the College Management gave me an additional bonus. Praise the Lord!

That's the good news.

Recently, Seng Chor and I prepared a family monthly budget. We were influenced by the game Cashflow 101. Now, the bad news is that we are in the red. Seriously. With the salary adjustment, we hope to maintain a positive cashflow in a few months time. So, all my needs will be on hold for the time being. *sigh*

We continue to trust God as our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

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thewallah said...

Yeah, the game & principles from Cashflow 101 doe open up one's eyes.

Don't give up, it's gratifying to see the bank balance grow.

My wife & I also live on a tighter budget now.

However, remember to balance giving to the Lord's work, investment and savings.