Monday, August 07, 2006

Pre-Convocation Butterflies

The Big Day is tomorrow - 8 August 2006. I'm feeling excited. I'm nervous. I'm 'kan-chiong'. I just can't stop thinking about it. Hmm...did I feel like this on my wedding day?

I was at the rehearsal last Saturday. Found out that PhD graduates will be receiving the scroll from the UM Chancellor - Sultan of Perak - Sultan Azlan Shah, our ex-King (Agung). Wow!
So many protocols...

Bow when getting up from the seat
Walk to the stairs on the stage, and wait
When your name is called, walk to the marker
Bow, then, take a step forward to receive the scroll with both hands
Shake hand with the Sultan (only for PhD graduates)
Say "Menjunjung Kasih Tuanku" or "Thank you, Tuanku"
Take a step backward
Bow again and walk away.

I hope I can remember to do all the above. Hope I don't fall or trip or make a fool of myself in anyway. Please pray that everything will proceed smoothly.

My sister has helped me to choose a suitable outfit - black pants and a light blue blouse. I just bought a new pair of shoes last Saturday. Now, I need to think of the evening wear....PhD graduates were invited to have dinner with the Sultan at PJ Hilton tomorrow night!!! What a privilege!

Will keep you guys and gals posted on the big event. Will definitely include some photos.

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