Friday, August 25, 2006

I need, I want...

I need ...
a new bookshelf (desperately need to archive all my books and files)
Osim uzap (desperately need to lose weight)
more clothes (seriously)
new clothes for my hubby too (not so serious)
another house (very serious)

I want...
more toys for Jordan (can get some for his 1st birthday)
more Board games (can probably still redeem from Citibank)
a painting by my good friend Queenie (maybe impossible - hubby probably don't agree)
a digital video camera (maybe next year?)
Sony Waio UX series Micro PC (dream on...)

Besides material stuff...I need
manicure and pedicure
new hairstyle - rebonding/perming and highlight

I don't need and I don't want...
higher position (I don't mind more pay)
better handphone or PDA (if it is free, I'll take it)
new shoes (got enough for this year)
new bags (so far so good)
new jewellery (happy for now)
new car (Kancil is still going strong)
better husband (the current one is the best... :p)
better baby (Jordan is the best)

Hmmm....I think that's all for now.

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