Thursday, May 08, 2008

Unforgettable Redang May 2008 (Part 4)

5 May 2008 (Saturday Night)

On the last night, none of us took rice because we decided to eat in Laguna Beach Resort. We just ate the dishes. After that, the divers filled their diving log book, and were certified Rescue Diver by Che Leong, the Dive Instructor. Congratulations to three of them – Seng Chor, Patrick and Florence.

Next, we walked to the dive centre at Laguna Beach Resort for dinner cum supper. I ordered a plain soup noodle and Root Beer. The noodle was not appetizing at all.

After the heavy meal, we strolled along the beach heading back towards Redang Bay. I watched one episode of C.I.B Files before I sleep.

4 May 2008 (Sunday)

We woke up at 6:30 am. For breakfast, I had nasi lemak, one toast with butter and jam, one bowl of porridge and a cup of Milo. It was time to pack and leave.

The ferry we took left Redang Bay at around 8:30 am. It was packed with 63 people! This time we managed to sit at the open deck because we were the second group of passengers to enter the ferry. I didn’t sleep at all. I was too excited thinking about my fun dive and enjoying the sea breeze. I also took pictures of the surrounding.

We arrived at the Merang Jetty at around 9:30 am. Patrick drove all the way from Kuala Terengganu back to Petaling Jaya. We had an early lunch. The stall seems to be packed with people, so we decided to try the food. We noticed the stall already when we were on the way to the jetty. The nasi kerabu and the fried chicken wing were delicious. I ordered roti telur but tried a bit of the nasi kerabu from Seng Chor. We hopped back into the MPV before 11 am. Along the way, we also stopped over to buy keropok and fish satay.

Late lunch was at Genting Sempah, around 3 pm, which is one hour ahead of schedule because we took a shortcut recommended by Che Leong. We waited for more than half an hour for the lunch to be prepared. The cook must be sleeping! When it finally arrived, we were not disappointed. We ordered a big fish, 3 types of vegetables and black pepper pork (yummy).

The main reason why we stopped at Genting Sempah is to buy the Pisang Susu – purple coloured banana. It takes one week for it to ripe so I haven’t got the chance to try it yet. Patrick and Florence bought some vegetables home, and Che Leong bought 2 bottles of natural honey.

Pisang Susu

We arrived home at around 5:10 pm. I managed to unpack and wash all the clothes on the same day. Phew!

Praise the Lord!

Scenes from Redang

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