Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Unforgettable Redang May 2008 (Part 2)

2 May 2008 (Friday)

We woke up around 7:00 am.
Breakfast menu:
Nasi Lemak
Fried Noodle
Chicken porridge
Toast with Butter and Jam
Hot drinks – Milo, Tea, Coffee

I had Nasi Lemak, a bit of noodles, a bowl of porridge and a cup of tea.

After breakfast, it was time for the divers to gear up. I took pictures of them as they were preparing for the dive. The whole process took about 10 – 15 minutes. It was like making a documentary for the National Geographic. Hehehe!

Once they were onboard, I took a stroll to the Mo Mo Tea Souvenir shop. I snapped a lot of pictures along the way. Around 9 am, I went back to the chalet. What did I do?

Prayed for 40 minutes
Watched the first episode of the C.I.B. Files Hong Kong Drama Series

The divers came back to rest at around 11 am. So, I joined them for a drink before their next dive.

Then, I went back to the chalet and watched a few more episodes. After the agenda, it was then time to greet the divers again and have lunch. They arrived back later than the day before. This was their 5th dive.

After lunch, it was drama series marathon for me until tea time. I had cakes, barley and tea. The divers missed the afternoon tea.

I swam for awhile in the pool but I didn’t really swing my hands. Next, I proceeded to the sea for snorkeling. I swam a bit. The experience was not as overwhelming as yesterday – second time already. Seng Chor and the rest were also doing the Rescue Diver course after their 6th dive that day.

I had a good shower before the BBQ dinner – fried rice, noodle, potato, fish, lamb, beef, fried chicken and watermelon. Then, four of us (excluding Che Leong) walked all the way to the Mo Mo Tea Souvenir Shop. We bought 3 T-shirts – one for Seng Chor, one for me and of course, another for Jordan. Seng Chor used his camera to take the night scenes. We took a longer time to walk back as we visited the various resorts along the way. We also checked out the room rates and diving packages. There are all reasonable. One of them (Redang Beach Resort) is even cheaper than Redang Bay Resort with better room condition. Laguna Beach Resort is more expensive but still considered reasonable for family trip with children – about RM 250 more than Redang Bay Resort but the environment is much more appetizing.

Before I bed, I watched one episode of the C.I.B. Files. I was looking forward to my fun dive tomorrow.

Mo Mo Tea Inn


Laguna Beach Resort – Night and Day

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