Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How do you feel today?

I get this question a lot these days. I have a standard answer for it:

• Sleepy
• Tired
• Hungry
• Feel sick most of the time
• No vomiting

I was feeling dizzy last week but not anymore.

Before our Redang trip, Seng Chor and I did blood test and urine test from home. This lady, an agent (I think) for Pantai Medical Centre came over to our house to administer the test. She has been conducting the tests at Seng Chor’s company, and Seng Chor asked her to come to our house, so that we could do the tests together. The price is reasonable – RM179 for about 70 tests. She also provides jabs for Hepatitis A and B at a very affordable price as well – cheaper than normal General Practitioner (GP) clinic.

My results
The tests include

  • Haematology

  • Clinical Chemistry (Cholesterol)

  • Renal Function Test (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Urea, Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphate, Uric Acid)

  • Diabetic Screen

  • Liver Function Test

  • Endocrine – Hormones

  • Immunology & Serology (Hepatitis A and B)

  • Microbiology

  • Blood Bank

My blood group is A Rh (D) Positive – same as my Mum. Jordan has the same blood type as mine.

Comment on my Peripheral Blood Film:
Red cells show slight anisocytosis with a normocytic normochromic picture.
White cell count appears normal with well differentiated and matured cells.
Platelets are adequate.

Overall peripheral blood film morphology appears normal.

The first comment about the red cells basically means that I have low blood pressure. It's not surprising. The lady suggested that I boil red dates regularly to drink. This will help improve my blood pressure. However, when my gynecologist checked my pressure last week, it was fine. All the results are within the normal reference range. Praise the Lord!

It’s recommended that I take the Hepatitis A immunization after my pregnancy. Otherwise, it may affect breastfeeding.

Initially, I thought that I may have cholesterol problem because the sample blood she took from me contained some white floating stuff – but it was good cholesterol. Phew!

She had to jab me twice to draw blood from me. She tried my right arm. I think I was holding on too tight and was quite tensed that the blood couldn’t flow out. So, she tried with my left arm instead. I was more relaxed. It flowed much faster than Seng Chor’s. Poor Seng Chor. It was rather painful for him and the injected area was blue-black for almost a week.

Seng Chor’s results are also within the normal reference range but few on the higher end. So, he needs to watch out his diet – cut down seafood and meat. Take more fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, he may have a cholesterol problem.

It’s advisable to test your blood and urine once a year. Knowing is better than not knowing. Remember that Old Saying, "Prevention is Better than Cure"?

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