Monday, May 12, 2008

How was my Mother’s Day 2008?

We attended Growth Group (GG) meeting at the Wong’s residence. Jordan behaved quite alright. I kept him busy with biscuits, cereals and raisins. He woke up before 7 am that morning partly because my runny nose disturbed him. He requested milk soon after that.

At the GG, Jordan asked me to carry him occasionally. During the bible study, Seng Chor took over to baby sit him. It was an easy task for Seng Chor – Jordan slept until lunch time.

Lunch time
Nine of us had chicken rice at Taman Tun. Seng Chor watched over Jordan throughout the meal. I had an uninterrupted lunch. Jordan was actually quite restless. He ‘snatched’ the rice from Seng Chor and didn’t allow Seng Chor to eat the rice. He protested loudly whenever Seng Chor tried to scoop some rice. As usual, he made a mess. So in the end, Seng Chor ate only chicken for lunch.

After lunch, we followed Aunty Sue and the girls to a shop to buy some stationery.

Seng Chor showered Jordan. I had a good nap until about 4:30 pm.
Then, I took over to baby sit while Seng Chor slept until 6 pm.

Evening till Night – picking stools and cleaning urine
After a successful Saturday morning, we didn’t let Jordan wear pampers again in the evening. Even though we kept reminding Jordan to tell us whenever he wanted to do his ‘business’, he conveniently forgot – too busy playing. He peed on the floor. Next, he passed motion, and the stool fell onto the floor. I didn’t know until he pulled my hand and asked me to see his ‘product’. Seng Chor cleaned up, and the funniest thing was that Seng Chor threw it into the dustbin instead of the toilet. He was so used to throwing pampers into the dustbin that he threw the stool into the dustbin as well. Aiyoh!

Because of F1 and the Manchester United football match, Seng Chor ordered take away from the House of Fishball for the whole family. Jordan had porridge. He also drank orange juice and a cup of milo.

Again, we reminded Jordan to use the potty. After dinner, he peed and passed motion onto the floor again! I cleaned up. I didn’t notice the stool until Seng Chor told me that he had also done a ‘big’ one. Thank goodness I didn’t step on it. Seng Chor cleaned him up.

At around 10 pm, Jordan requested for milk. He wanted the milk to be poured into the cup and drink from the cup. So, I asked him to sit on the staircase and drink. Before that, I even asked him whether he needed to pee or not. He said no. As he was drinking, he peed again! Once again, Seng Chor and I cleaned him up. As it was bed time, we let him wear pampers to sleep.

That evening, Jordan changed 4 pants; we picked 2 stools (about the size of my fist) and wiped 3 puddles of urine.

We are thankful that he didn’t wet or dirty the sofa – just the floor. We are also thankful that we have saved at least 3 pampers that day! Hahaha! We will definitely continue to train Jordan again. I really didn’t mind cleaning up after his ‘business’. Just look at the bright side – it is better for Jordan, good training for him and save money. Heeheehee!

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