Monday, November 27, 2006

Welcome back, Philippines Mission Team

It’s really good to have the Philippines Mission Team back home – Yoke Kheng, Wan Yi, Jia Ling and Hui En. They touched down before 4 pm yesterday. They left last Saturday – 18 November 2006. Hopefully, Jia Ling and Hui En will share in their blog on the trip.

I was extremely happy to see Yoke Kheng yesterday. Even though she was really tired and not feeling well, she still came over, and distributed gifts to the BBC team – including me, of course. Each of us got a packet of dried mangoes (yummy!), peanuts and a case with 31 Prayer Cards for your Everyday Life. She said that she has more gifts for us. Wow! So nice of her. Thank you so much, Yoke Kheng. May God heal you completely, and strengthen you even more.

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