Thursday, November 16, 2006


Since I have written a blog about my favourite things, I might as well list down the things that I dislike and things that irritate me most...

  • Hot, dirty and smelly places (who doesn't)
  • Playing sports or doing anything else under the hot sun
  • Mopping/sweeping the floor (Thank God that Seng Chor doesn't mind doing it)
  • Untidiness
  • People pressing the door bell continuously (very irritating)
  • People pressing the car horn continuously (extremely irritating)
  • Lizards, cockroaches, ants
  • Horror movies like Final Destination, Urban Legend
  • Movies by Chow Sing Chi (Lame)
  • Most movies by Jim Carrey
  • Hot and spicy food
  • Any food/fruits that taste sour
  • Woolen clothing

Hmm...that's all, I think.

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