Monday, November 27, 2006

Alone with Jordan

Seng Chor left for his scuba diving trip to Pulau Jarak on Friday evening. Just found out that Pulau Jarak is off Pulau Pangkor. He will be sharing about his adventure in his blog soon.

Jordan was manageable. He did his usual stuffs – eat, sleep, crawled and watch TV. Had fun time with him on Saturday. He laughed aloud as I pretended to catch him while he was crawling on our bed. The first one was a real catch as he turned and almost fell off the bed. He laughed loudly as I caught him. Then, the pretend-play started. He seldom passed motion on weekend, especially Saturday, but on last Saturday and Sunday, he did. Another unusual thing happened was that he finished the Gerber food-in-the-jar Sweet Potato for the very first time. I fed him during dinner time. I bought the food when he was 4 month old. He didn’t appreciate it at all. Seng Chor and I had to eat them because it can only be kept for 2-3 days after opening. Yesterday, he ate the banana flavour one. I also fed him with the new rice rusks from Empro. He likes is too. He slept at about 10:30 pm and woke up only at about 6:45 am the next day.

On Sunday morning, I carried him and walked to Roy and Selvi’s house for the Growth Group meeting. He played with Reuel and had a short nap during worship. Initially, he slept on Aunty Sue’s arms, and then we placed him on the comforter to sleep. He only slept for awhile, and started playing again. One terrible incident happened. During the Word time, I grabbed the song book that he was holding and he fell onto the floor and cried loudly. I felt so bad that I cried too. I shouldn’t have grabbed from him so hard. Poor baby! He got a shock and knocked his head as well. He cried for a few minutes and was back to normal after that. Another lesson learnt for me – don’t snatch from him, take from him gently.

After the meeting, he followed Rachelle in Uncle Wing Cheong’s car to visit Uncle Lim. He slept in Rachelle’s arms until we left Uncle Lim’s house. As we reached home, he woke up immediately. So, fed him with cereal, bathed him one hour later. After 2 hours, he had his milk again. He was actually tired, but didn’t sleep until after 6 pm. Before that, he watched the Donut man and the Donut Repair Club VCD – The Resurrection Celebration. He was crawling around as well. Before he slept, I fed him with the banana – Gerber food-in-the-jar. Only managed to finish half and he fell asleep. He slept for more than 2 hours – woke up after 8:30 pm with a new hairstyle, and then, ate his cereal. My beloved BBC team – Yoke Kheng, Kenny, Sahaya and Yung Ling was here that time. We were supposed to go out for dinner but because Jordan fell asleep we ordered Dominoes pizzas – Ultimate Hawaiian and Seafood Plater, instead. Then, they played 4 rounds of Boggle. Not sure who won, but definitely not Sahaya. Hehehe! Jordan was restless, so I couldn’t join in the fun.

They left before 10 pm. Seng Chor arrived home before 11 pm. Jordan was happy to see him. He was so excited that he didn’t sleep until midnight. I was playing with him before that. This morning, I had to wake him up for his milk.

To cut the story short (?), I survived again – I bathed Jordan, fed him and changed him all myself! BUT this doesn’t mean that Seng Chor can go diving every weekend. :p

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