Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Eleven months

Jordan Teoh Shang Xian is already 11 months old!

According to youngnutrition.net, this is how I can help him:
  • Give him activity boards with knobs, buttons and handles that he can manipulate.
  • Encourage him to move about in the bath using swimming motions.
  • Let him play with water outside of bath time, such as filling up a shallow bucket or introducing a paddling pool, and make sure he is supervised.
  • Get him to walk towards me either using furniture for assistance, or taking short steps on his own.
  • Let him play with simple puzzles and help him complete them if needed.
  • Read stories about babies and use these to show him how he is loved and protected.
  • Congratulate him when I understand his speech.
  • Encourage him to feed and dress himself.
  • Give him objects he can group together, such as shoes, colored blocks, and items that come in pairs of shapes.
  • Encourage him to play with other babies in the same area and to share his toys.

His increased coordination and confidence means he can do several things at once while on the go. He is able to start feeding himself, but it's pretty messy.

I notice that he expresses negative emotions more frequently and he will throw tantrums if he doesn’t get his own way.

Puzzles and activities requiring greater precision of movement will be of great interest to him and this means there are plenty of ways he can be stimulated, even while playing on his own.

May God continue to protect him as he cruises around the house. God bless my baby with love, joy, peace and wisdom.

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