Monday, November 13, 2006

Bye, bye Sore Throat

Stomach-ache - gone. Sore throat - gone. Runny nose - perpetually. Hooray! I could enjoy more food now. When I had the sore throat, there were a lot of stuffs that I wanted to eat but couldn't eat - satay, KFC, etc. Well...I still haven't got the chance to eat those food yet. One week ago, I had prawn crackers in Bukit Beruntung. Yummy! Four of us - the hungry Sunday School teachers ate whatever that was edible on Yoke Kheng's dining table. One of the Sunday School children even scolded us for being greedy and for not asking permission to eat. She is the one we call 'chicken little'. Well...obviously, we all ignored her and just munched away. Our beloved new Deacon and host even bought each of the Sunday School teacher a packet of prawn crackers! Fabulous! Glad that my sore throat didn't attack again.

I didn't go to Sunday School yesterday. Had to babysit Jordan while Seng Chor went to Youth Voltage. Heard from Yoke Kheng that the children miss me. sweet....They said that they missed Jordan too. They only saw his photos on my notebook, and yet they said that they missed him. Hee! Hee! I think they enjoyed the handicraft I made together with them. I am so happy that they remembered the lessons I taught them - The Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark. I asked them questions and some of them could answer! God is really amazing. They also asked a lot of questions - especially 'chicken little'. These children are just awesome. I look forward to teach Jordan these Bible stories as well. I would love to hear him answering and asking questions too.

It was a good weekend. Jordan was manageable. He naps at least twice during the day. Last night, he slept around 9 pm until 10:15 pm. Then, had his cereal and slept again until about 12:15 am. He drank his milk after that, and went back to sleep again. He seems to be sleeping more these days - good for Daddy and Mummy.

Work is pretty much the same. Artificial Intelligence lectures on Tuesday. Other days - preparing lectures, meetings with students, staff meetings, report writing, etc. Still easy going, and more importantly, still got ample time for blogging. :p

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