Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Funny actions by Jordan

At birth, Jordan had this funny tendency to shake his head continuously for a few seconds. It was as if he has taken the ecstasy pills. Initially, thought that he was searching for the nipple, but he shakes also when not drinking milk. Occasionally, he still does it until today. Really, really funny. I remembered my father-in-law telling him, “Don’t shake your head – not handsome already.” Hahaha!

Lately, he likes to hit himself on the head – particularly the right side, with his right hand. Sometimes, he holds a toy and uses it to knock his head. It’s like, ‘ouch’ to us but nothing to him. I have been stopping him from doing it. He did it quite frequently last weekend.

When he’s on our bed, he likes to go to the front of the bed, presses his head against the wood and starts to shake his head. Funny!

Sometimes he crawls in circle, especially on our bed.

He amuses himself by rolling on our bed, and laughing at the same time.

Whenever he faces us, he would poke his fingers into our mouth and play with our teeth. He even tried to dig my nose. Yucks!

I like to watch him as he claps his hand. He smiles at the same time.

He even sits and turns at the same time using his legs.

Because of his dimple on the right cheek, he looks sweet when he smiles or laughs. I just love his laughter.

He is able to flip/roll his tongue! Both Seng Chor and I can’t do it. He may be doing it subconsciously. So, don’t know whether still can do it when he grows older.

The funniest thing is still his limping crawl. Last weekend, he even crawled like a crab – moving sideways.

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