Thursday, November 23, 2006

36th Wedding Anniversary

Today, my Papa and Mama celebrate their 36th Wedding Anniversary. May God bless their marriage with joy, peace and most of all love. Blessed Wedding Anniversary, Papa and Mama!

Coincidentally, today is Seng Chor’s Tai Pak’s 70th birthday which we celebrated last Saturday, and also my brother Felix’s girlfriend’s birthday.

His Tai Pak’s birthday party last Saturday was like a family reunion. I felt as if “Penang is in KL” because almost everyone was talking in Hokkien. Most of the relatives were here. Some of the cousins and relatives from Johor have not seen Jordan before. They adored him. I enjoyed the dinner. The menu – Four Season dish, Sharks’ Fin soup, roast piglet (my favourite), steamed fish, prawns (big ones), vegetables, noodles. For dessert, we had longan, bun and of course the birthday cake – Mango flavour from Secret Recipe (yummy!).

Not sure when we will be able to see them all together again. It’s really wonderful to see the whole family coming together for this celebration. My father-in-law is the second son. He has 1 older brother (Tai Pak) and 2 older sisters. Then, there’s 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters – 8 brothers and sisters altogether. Only 2 sisters couldn’t make it that night. Some of their children came. It’s a big family indeed. My mother-in-law’s side is even bigger – 12 altogether! Imagine – most of their children are married with children. Huge family! We could visit only some of them whenever we go back to Penang.

Probably, the next reunion will be during Chinese New Year or the Qingming (Ching Ming) Festival, known as All Souls Day in English.

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