Sunday, April 29, 2007

Funny/Special Moments with Jordan

Falling asleep on the baby chair
(Sunday lunchtime, 22 April 2007)
I was feeding him tau fu. He ate about half of it. Suddenly, he became quiet and started to suck his thumb. One or two minutes later, he moved forward and lied on the table of the baby chair. I gave him a napkin. He was still sucking his thumb. We watched him as he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep within 5 minutes. It just dawned on me that that was how Seng Chor fell asleep during his classes. Is this a sign of Jordan following his Daddy’s footsteps? Hahaha…

‘Scolded’ by Jordan
(Sunday evening, 22 April 2007)
He was trying to squeeze his musical toy through the gap on top of the bed. I told him not to. Then, he turned to face me, babbled something that sounds like scolding me. It was funny. He babbled quite loudly and his hands were at his side. After that, he tried to push his musical toy down again.

Moving along using his buttocks
Tuesday, 24 April 2007
He was sitting on the floor – about 2 – 3 feet away from me. I was taking my dinner. He wanted some of my food. Instead of getting up and walked towards me, he moved forward using his buttocks. It’s amusing.

Looking for Me
Whenever I am out of sight and not playing with him, he would come to look for me. Most of the time, I would be doing some chores in the kitchen. I would then stop what I was doing, hold his hands and walk together to his toys. As I held his hands and walked, he would let out a funny laughter expressing his joy.

Sticking to Me
He often sticks to me when he sleeps. He also likes to place his head on my body.

Hide and Seek
It’s always fun to play hide and seek with him. Seng Chor and I would hide in different corners of the room, and call out his name. He would then come and look for us. Once he found us, again he would let out the funny laughter. He has such a cheeky laughter and joyous smile on his face.

Jordan dances. He steps forward, backward, left and right. It was amusing to see him dancing to a catchy music. He would clap his hands too.

Try to bend down and lower your head. Jordan will come and give you a head butt. He does the same thing to the babysitter, and the Daddy proudly said that he taught Jordan the ‘skill’. Watch out! It can be painful. His laughter is contagius too.

Every moment with Jordan is precious. I will treasure every second of it.

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