Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jordan’s Development – 15+1/2 months

Jordan is now 15 and a half (+) months. We are marveled by some of his latest developments and actions.

Twinkle, twinkle Little Star
He can say the word, “star” in the song, and he can even do the ‘twinkling’ action with both hands. Sometimes, he seems to be singing along with us, and he says the word “star” clearly and loudly. He has a musical mobile that plays this song 3 times whenever the button is pressed. Jordan knows how to press the button to play the song. He started listening to this song in his first month. Whenever he cried, we would play the song, and he would stop crying and listen.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
Sometimes he would clap his hands even before we sing the word, “clap”. He can stamp his feet too. He understands the word, “clap”. He has a VCD with this song. I’ll do the actions whenever the song is played. He has probably learned from there.

Ten Little Indians
He can still say “ten” whenever you count from one to nine. He surprised me by saying it when I sang the song, Ten Little Indians to him. He doesn’t say it all the time, though.

Singing and Dancing
He attempts to sing the songs with us and also dance to the music. He would clap his hands too as he dances.

Oh, I’m so jealous. He kissed his Daddy twice on the cheek last weekend – first time on Saturday night at The Ship, and second time in the church. The first kiss was rather funny. He gave his Daddy a little smack on his face before kissing his cheeks. Jordan is so cheeky. Jordan’s Khai Ma said that he gave her a kiss too. It was after dinner on Sunday night. Oh, I’m so so jealous.

Hide and Seek
For the past 2 nights, Seng Chor and I played hide and seek with him in the bedroom. Both of us would hide somewhere in the corner, and he would come looking for us. Whenever he found us, he would laugh. He remembered where we were and he would go to the same place the next time. We tried to hide different corners each time, behind furniture. If he didn’t see us, he would go to the toilet and knock at the door.

Stacking Mega Blocks
Last night, he started stacking his Mega Blocks. Before that, he just bites them and throws them around the house. He still does that. He likes to hold one block in his mouth and walk around the house with it. Last night, he managed to stack quite high, and then destroys them again. He is pretty destructive at times.

Jordan is going to do more and more amazing things these days.
I love him so dearly…still waiting for my first kiss from him.

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