Monday, April 23, 2007

Types of Bloggers

Blogaholics United

By Emmelyn Cindy Mah
(R.A.G.E., The Star, Thursday, 19 April 2007, page 8)

In the here and now, hundreds and thousands of blogs exist in the inner sanctums of the World Wide Web. Why do people blog? As there are many blogs found in sites such as LiveJournal, Xanga, Friendster, and Blogspot, there are just as many reasons.

I’ve had a blog for about four years now. In that period of time, I’ve come to realise that there are many kinds of bloggers, with numerous colourful personalities in rainbow shades. The most prominent of these are listed below.

Occasional Blogger
An occasional blogger does not blog at every given opportunity. Instead, his blog entries, usually dated months from each other, include details from special events of his life. Perhaps an unforgettable first date, or even a fun family get-together.
This is a particularly healthy blogging style that many adopt these days. One of the reasons being that it does not control the blogger’s life, and a perfect balance is formed.

Entertainer Blogger
The entertainer blogger is a bit of a fun-loving, crowd-pleasing fellow. He enjoys decking out entry after entry of public-friendly posts for the reading pleasures of others.
Usually, his entries consist of random, but entertaining articles, such as links to online games, jokes, web comics, videos, and music, to name a few.

Political Blogger
The political blogger is hard to miss. He makes his home in a meticulously streamlined, sensible looking, and stylishly personalised (down to the last pixel) blog that radiates with an aura of brilliant seriousness. Page after page is filled with his views on latest political issue, and perhaps other important happenings around his world. These kinds of blogs are usually very intelligent, and very adult.

Obsessive Blogger
Behold the obsessive blogger! He spends hours each day on the computer, typing in every-single-meager-detail of his day to post in his blogs! Blogs of these kinds are filled page-to-page with minute details, from what he had for breakfast, to what colour shirt he wore that day.
Most of the time, these blogs are for the reading pleasure of the blogger, and close personal friends only. Indeed, it is difficult to find a stranger who is interested in such blogs.

Memory-Diary Blogger
The memory-diary blogger keeps a blog for one purpose, and one purpose only. He had an awful memory that surpasses even (from Finding Nemo) Dory’s. His blog is filled, entry after entry, with important events in his daily life that requires attention. These little reminders can be quite a tedious for blog readers, but the purpose of it is clear; such a blog enables the write to recall events in his past days at the click of a mouse.


So, which kind of blogger best describes you?

I think, in my early blogging days, I was an obsessive blogger. Hmm…some entries were filled with minute details about my son rather than me. Hehehehe. Now, I’m not sure whether I fit into any of the categories mentioned. Let me think…probably a Frequent Blogger with random entries – mostly about my son, my experiences with God, my interests, occasionally about my work, etc.

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Emmelyn Cindy Mah said...

WOW. I'm amazed. You blogged about my newspaper article. O.o

Its nice to know that people read/enjoyed my articles. Thanks! It was a very good mood-lifter, reading your entry which had my article in it.