Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jordan’s Weekend Meal

Last Saturday (10 March 2007) and Sunday (11 March 2007), I cooked Spiral Pasta with carrot for Jordan’s lunch and dinner. Thankfully, he ate most of it.

The recipe:
1) Cut the carrot into cubes.
2) Boil the carrot for about half an hour.
3) Mix the pasta into the carrot.
4) Add a bit of salt.
5) Boil the mixture for about 5 to 10 minutes.
6) Finally, cut the pasta and mash the carrot.

This morning, before 8 am, Seng Chor went to market to buy carrot, potato and tomato for Jordan’s meal. I boiled them first for about half an hour, and then mixed the spiral pasta to cook. No salt added. It tasted yummy. This time, I blended the mixture before serving it to Jordan. During lunch, he ate about 1 and a half bowl. He also had half a banana. However, he had brown rice cereal for dinner as we were out in 1-Utama.

It feels good to cook for Jordan, and it is even more wonderful to see him eating the food. I hope to be creative and try out different recipes.

The pot of carrot, potato, tomato and pasta.

The blended mixture.

This is the second bowl - almost finished.
He ate half a banana.

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