Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10 Funny actions by Jordan at 14 months

Somersaults on the bed.

Walking in circles.

Walking backwards on the bed.

Pointing everywhere and says, “There”.

On seeing different types of flooring (such as, change of tiles), he would use his feet to ‘test’ the floor first, and then continue to walk.

When there is a small step in his path, he would go down and try to climb down that little step as if he is climbing down from the sofa/bed.

‘Talking’ to waiters.

Wiping the floor with a cloth. He did this twice last night – upstairs and downstairs. He took his wash cloth from me to wipe the floor. (He was copying what Seng Chor does almost every night – wiping the floor).

Pointing the remote control at the television and pressing the buttons.

‘Talking’ on the phone and walking around at the same time.


Generally, he imitates our actions. Jordan is a copycat.

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