Thursday, March 08, 2007

Babysitting in Action

Where have I been? No where else but home. Jordan’s babysitter took a break and went to Hong Kong with her family for 5 days. They left last Saturday, and returned today. So, I had to take 3 days of leave to baby sit Jordan.

First day – Disaster
He woke up between 9 to 9:30 am. He was not really in a good mood, and pretty restless the whole morning. To soothe him, I decided to give him a bath – one of his favourite moments. So, I prepared the water in the bath tub for him. He happily splashed the water for a few minutes. As I took him out of the water, he started to cry badly. I shouted at him few times, and spanked him on the butt once or twice. It took me quite a while to put on his clothes. It was about 11 am. He wouldn’t stop crying. I just left him lying on the bed. He was uncontrollable. I called Seng Chor. He came back and soothed him for awhile. At about 11:45 am, Luki dropped his lunch – pasta cooked with tuna. He ate only about half of it.

The second bout of crying happened as I wanted to change him after he passed motion. He struggled to free his legs from my hands. Again, I shouted at him and spanked him twice. He cried for a few minutes. Later, at about 2 pm, I fed him milk and he slept until 4 pm.

He was still not in a good mood. So, I decided to take him to the playground. It was about 5 pm. I carried him out. I locked the wooden door. Then I locked the grill. He tried to snatch the key from me, but I wouldn’t let him. He whined. When I was about the lock the padlock on the gate, he snatched the padlock from me and wouldn’t pass it back to me. When I took it from him, he cried badly again. This was the third bout of crying. I carried him back to the house and scolded him again. No spanking this time. He just stood in the living room and cried for a few minutes. During this time, Aunty Sue called to find out how I was doing with Jordan. I cried as I shared with her what happened. She reminded me that Jordan is a blessing from God, and encouraged me to hang on. I felt better.

After about half an hour, both of us have calmed down, I decided to take him to the playground. So, I carried him and walked to the playground. He played the swing, see-saw and slide. He didn’t really enjoy the swing for long. See-saw was quite fun to him. He enjoyed the slide the most. He nearly cried aloud when I tried to stop him from crawling at the top of the slide. I was afraid that he might fall. He likes to climb up the slide and tries to slide down using his tummy. We spent about 20 minutes in the playground. I carried him home. Thankfully, he didn’t cry when I took him away from the slide. I showered him. He cried again for no apparent reason. Seng Chor arrived home. It was about 6:30 pm. Then, he fed him with pasta – again ate about half only.

Before 8 pm, Roy came to pick us up to go to Uncle Lim’s Memorial service. He was still quite restless. I had to carry him most of the time. Aunty Sue advised me not to shout at him but try to talk to him calmly. So, at the memorial service, I told Jordan that I will not shout at him again. I actually apologized to him.

End of shouting day.

Second Day – No shower
His first and only bout of crying for the day started early in the morning after his milk. He passed motion twice. As usual, he doesn’t like to be changed and cried a bit. I was really patient with him this time and talked nicely to him.

During lunch, we joined Uncle Lim’s family at Pantai Seafood Restaurant. Jordan had rice and taufu. He was in a happy mood. He waved and smiled at the ladies, and was really friendly with one of the waiters. Before we left, he reached out to the waiter and got the waiter to carry him for awhile! He nearly didn’t want to follow us home.

He had a good nap in the afternoon. I made him the Nestle fish porridge for dinner. I gave him some minced apple from the jar. He liked it. He spent most of the day walking around the house and playing with his toys. He was really happy when I found 2 unused remote controls for him to play.

It was a happier day for both of us.

Third Day – Sleeping Day
He woke up around 6:10 am for milk. He wanted me to carry him for awhile before he went to sleep again after 7 am. He slept until 11 am plus! First time he slept so long. When I went to check him, he was sitting on the bed. Surprisingly, he didn’t cry. He normally cries when he wakes up. Then, I showered him.

I cooked porridge for him. This is the second time I cooked for him. The first time was on Saturday, 24 February 2007. I put carrot, potato and fish into the brown rice and boiled. He didn’t eat much. I gave him some minced apple from the jar. He ate. Most of the time, he wanted me to be with him playing on the floor. Just before Yoke Kheng came, he cut his lips while playing with one of the container covers. Poor baby! I was washing some dishes during that time.

Yoke Kheng arrived with the CF students – Chloe, Venetia and Angela just before 2 pm. I fed Jordan milk. He joined us for lunch as well, and I fed him with fish ball. He was in a happy mood – smiling to the girls. After lunch, he was restless again. He was tired. Before 3:30 pm, he slept. He slept until 6 pm plus. Quite a long nap indeed. Seng Chor was home already. I gave him some bread – his favorite, before feeding him porridge again. He also had cereal at about 8:30 pm.

His appetite has improved much. He finishes his milk each time. Tonight, he even cried for more milk. Every night, Seng Chor would feed him and sleep with him first. He has been sleeping with us since Chinese New Year. He sleeps on our bed every afternoon as well. Seng Chor needs to train him again to sleep in his cot.

Things were better when I decided not to shout at him anymore. I failed terribly on the first day, but I thank God that because of His grace and my church members' care, advice, support and concern, I have triumphed!

"I can do all this through him who gives me strength."
Philippians 4:13

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