Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jordan has more blog entries

Why does Jordan has more blog entries these days? Hmm…
  • Jordan’s life is simple – easier to blog

  • He has more photos to share

  • His Mummy is very busy at work

  • His Mummy is also busy updating his blog. Ha! Ha! Ha!

What has his Mummy been doing?
  • Preparing documents for new Diploma programmes

  • Preparing lectures, especially for the module Soft Computing

  • “Entertaining” students’ complaints/grievances

  • Attending meetings

Two more months, and most of my lectures will come to an end. The students will be sitting for their exams in May/June. Life will be less hectic. Then, I will be able to write some journals on my research work.

Nowadays, I leave office at 5:30 pm. More work waiting for me at home – washing the dishes/bottles, do the laundry, entertaining Jordan, etc. I’m not complaining. I like to make sure that all his clothes are placed neatly. I enjoy tidying up the mess that Jordan creates every night with his toys. His toys will always be in the right place when he comes back. His pillow and blanket will be laid out nicely for his bedtime. I love doing things for him – that includes preparing meals for him.

As for Seng Chor, I try to iron his clothes every night (:p) and do the usual laundry. Hmm…I serve him dinner every night. Depending on my mood, I will make Ribena for him. I haven’t cooked for him for a long time. I used to cook dinner during the early days of our marriage. Things get busier. We got lazier – no marketing, no cooking. Then, we started catering for few years. We stopped the catering service in October 2005 – when my mum was here before the birth of Jordan. Since March last year (after my mum went back to KK), we have been having take-away every night. We eat-out on weekends – usually with friends.

When Jordan gets older, I’ll probably start cooking again. How old? Maybe when he’s 4 years old. We’ll see…

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