Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Underwater World, Waterfall @ Langkawi and PAIN

On the second day (15 September 2008) of our Langkawi trip, we visited the Underwater World. Overall, we enjoyed the exhibits especially the penguins. We also watched a diver feeding the fish. The 3D show was rather crappy. It was the first time for Jordan in a theatre and he behaved well. He sat down and watched the whole thing and commented certain parts of the movie.

At night, we had a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Kuah. Then, we went back to the chalets for more games.

16 September 2008
I suggested that we visited the Waterfall and the Seven Wells which are near the resort. It turned out to be a bad suggestion for me. I climbed almost 300 steps to reach the waterfall but it was quite worth it. The air was refreshing and I love the sound of the waterfall. If Seng Chor had not stopped me, I would have climbed another 300+ steps to reach the Seven Wells. Thank God, he did.

After the climb, we had cold coconut. It was cooling and refreshing. However, as I was finishing the coconut, I felt my stomach getting more and more painful. I walked to the car first. Seng Chor and Jordan were already in the car. After waited for the rest for about 5 minutes, we decided to drive back to the resort first. My pain was getting more and more intense. I walked slowly to the chalet. I thought that I would faint before I could reach the chalet. I stopped to rest. The pain was almost unbearable. It felt as if I needed to pass motion but nothing came out. I was in excruciating pain. It was so difficult to get in and out of bed. It took me about 1 – 2 minutes to get up. I didn’t feel hungry. All I felt was pain. I just lay on the bed the day. My stomach muscles were really painful even though I was lying down. I couldn’t move side ways.

The rest of the gang played games in the next room. They went out for dinner after that. They came with fried rice for me after 10 pm. I couldn’t really eat much – just a few spoons. I vomited. I thought that I would not be able to take the flight back to KL the next day.

Thank God that I was slightly better in the morning. I walked really slowly. Sahaya had to drive slower because a slight bump would give me great pain.

Overall, the flight was ok for me. But the journey in the van from the airport was terrible. The road was rather bad. It was a bumpy ride. I couldn’t stand the pain. I cried. Seng Chor told the driver to stop so that I could change seat with Sahaya who was seated in front. It was better - not so bumpy.

At night, I went to see the panel doctor and requested for 2 days of Medical Leave. There was not much difference for the next 2 days. My situation improved on Saturday and I was a lot better on Sunday. The muscle pain is still there until today but not much. It will take probably another week for me to fully recover.

Jemimah was moving really active after the climb to the waterfall. It felt as if she wanted to come out of the womb. She was stretching all the time which caused even more pain every now and then. She was fine when I went for my regular check up at the gynecologist on Monday. The gynecologist commented that she is happy. I wonder how he knows – probably she was like moving every now and then.

Thank God for protecting Jemimah and me throughout the trip.

The steps I conquered to reach the Waterfall - almost 300!

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