Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Papa at Mount Kinabalu

This is my Papa's 3rd time to climb Mount Kinabalu. His first climb was in 1996. He was 56 years old. This year, he climbed twice - January and August/September. He is 68 years old this year. He keeps himself fit by climbing the small hill near our house in KK almost every day. He enjoys it.

At first, we thought that this would be his last climb. But when he heard that Seng Chor and his friend, Chee Keong hope to climb again using a different route, known as the Mesilau Trail, my Papa got excited again.

He was really excited about the last climb. He was packing and re-packing his stuffs many times - at home and at Kundasang. He showed Seng Chor and Chee Keong the stuffs that he was taking. He would take the stuffs out from his backpack and check through a few times. It was rather amusing to see him doing it - just like a little boy packing his school bag for the first day of school.

He didn't expect the strong wind. He had a slight fall and scratched his face and left leg slightly at the peak. He enjoyed perfect weather on his first climb in 1996. In his second climb, he experienced the rain. So, my Papa has overcome different types of weather at the mountain. Overall, he had a good climb.

From the Tempohon Gate to Laban Rata Rest House
Sunday, 31 August 2008

At the Peak of Mount Kinabalu
Monday, 1 September 2008

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kaybee_dino said...

Congrats to uncle, seng chor & friend :)