Monday, September 08, 2008

Last Day in KK – 2 September 2008

It’s our annual dental check-up. As usual, my Mum booked the appointment for Seng Chor and me. We did scaling for our teeth. Seng Chor was apparently tortured for about half and hour. He still has gum problems. Mine lasted for about 10 minutes. No major problem except for a tooth which requires filling. I will have to get it done in KL as my gums were slightly swollen after the scaling.

Why did we do our dental check-up in KK? The price is actually about the same. The main reason – no time for both of us to go for check-up in KL. It’s more convenient to do it during our holiday in KK. Hehehe!

After the check-up, Mum took us for Dim Sum at Foo Phin which is very near to the dentist. Yoke Kheng accompanied Jordan at home. So, we packed Char Siew Pau and Siew Mai for Yoke Kheng.

We didn’t do much for the rest of the day – just packing. Mum cooked a simple and lovely lunch for us – ABC soup, scalded vegetables in oyster sauce, steamed prawns and Char Siew/Siew Yuk (BBQ roast pork from the market). The prawns were extremely fresh. Dad went to the market early in the morning to buy them. Jordan enjoyed them too. He ate quiet a lot of rice but didn’t drink much soup. Yoke Kheng and I had 2 bowls of soup each. Yummy!

Later, Mum boiled barley that she bought from Kuching. It tasted slightly different but very nice. We had it before leaving for the airport at 4:45 pm.

Our flight was at 6:20 pm. We reached the airport in good time. I was in Mum’s car. Seng Chor, Yoke Kheng and Jordan were in Dad’s car. Jordan was sleeping. He was also sleeping when we left KK last year. What a coincidence! Anyway, he woke up before we boarded the plane.

This is the first time I had meals in an Air Asia plane. Yoke Kheng and I ordered chicken rice. Seng Chor had nasi lemak. Jordan enjoyed the anchovies in the nasi lemak so much that we had to order a separate meal for him. Seng Chor and I shared the rest. According to the air steward, it was the last pack of nasi lemak on the plane. Phew! Otherwise, Jordan will be complaining.

It’s amazing that our plane arrived KL half an hour earlier! Seng Chor commented that the pilot should be summoned for speeding. Hahaha! It was good for us.

I was already in tears before we left the house. I cried again at the airport. I miss my parents so much. Mum will be here in December before I give birth. Dad will be here during the Chinese New Year next year. Looking forward to see them again.

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