Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Training Pants

With the increase in petrol price and many other things, Seng Chor has been thinking about saving the cost of diapers for Jordan and the second baby. Eventually, he came across Fresh Bots diapers and Fresh Bots training pants. Initially, he wanted to purchase them online but then he discovered that we can get them at The Curve in a shop called Little Haven – next to Mother Care. The training pants cost RM35.00. The diaper cost around RM65.

Last weekend, we bought 2 training pants for Jordan, and he will get to try them on this weekend. Actually, he is potty trained already. He doesn’t wear pampers at home anymore, and we had fewer accidents already. In fact, no accident last weekend. He was in church, The Curve and 1 Utama. Wonderful, isn’t?

We will probably buy the washable diaper to save cost.

Information from http://www.freshbots.com/

About Fresh Bots Diapers…
Fresh Bots diaper is part of an innovative concept in the diapering world. It resembles just like a disposable diaper with the exception that it is REUSABLE, HEALTHY AND COST SAVING in the long run. Depending on the design, the diapers are made from either 100% cotton or imported polyester waterproof fabric. Its innovative design with aplix closure means that the diaper requires no pin, no folding hence, making it easy for parents to change their baby. Our pocket diaper has a layer of suedecloth that forms a pocket for easy customisation of soakers. Freshbots diapers come in myriad of colours and fun prints. Wear them as part of your baby’s layette for a very fashionable outing.

About Fresh Bots Training Pants…
With the use of disposable diapers over the past years becoming a norm, due to its ease of usage for both babies and parents, the age of potty training as gone up. If children were no longer using diapers at the age of 2 some 10 years ago, most children nowadays will potty train around 3 years old. Cloth training pants are designed for children who are ready to potty train and ready to come out of the diaper phase.

Training pants are child’s first pants, to be pulled up and which they will proudly put on themselves. Cloth training pants do not act as diapers and would not hold as much wee as diapers can. It is designed to catch the first two pee and small accidents. Once the child has told you they have wet themselves, you should change them as soon as possible, as these will only hold the first two wee.

Why use training pants?

When wearing diapers both cloth (with dry-effect layer) and disposable diapers, the child will remain dry and don’t feel really wet. However, the cloth trainers are designed without dry effect layer so that they will feel wet after peeing. It is this new and unpleasant sensation of wet which will make them associate the need of a wee with wet pants and help them in their transition from using diapers to not using them anymore.

The child would also feel proud to wear little pants and not diapers anymore, which will help them further in their potty learning process and ultimately building their self confidence.

The Fresh Bots training pants are made of 100% cotton with hidden layer of waterproof material with 2 layers of terry sewn inside to absorb wetness. A soft elastic is sewn at the waist for good fit.

The pants come in 3 sizes:

Small: 10 kg – 14 kg, Age 12 – 18 months
Medium: 14 kg – 16 kg, Age 18 months – 2 ½ years
Large: 16 kg = 20 kg, Age 3 – 4 years

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