Saturday, July 12, 2008

Appetite, Lack of Sleep and Movements

It’s been a tough week. I thought I was feeling better last Wednesday when I could finally eat the catered food. But then, I threw up last Friday night. I vomited the dinner as well on Monday night. I had fruits (apple, pear, orange and custard apple) for dinner the next day. On Wednesday and Thursday, I had fruits and cream crackers with Milo for dinner. Last night, I had fruits, sweet potato and Oreo McFlurry. Hmm…overall, I think it is a healthy diet.

Jordan has been sleeping late. On Tuesday, he refused to sleep until 1 am. On Wednesday, he fell asleep between 11:30 pm to 12 midnight. Lights were off at 10 pm. He would climb over us, go up and down the bed, and even leave the bedroom. He would also push us. It was really annoying. Seng Chor and I gave him at least 15 smacks on the butt on Tuesday night. Jordan even said that I’m naughty but later he allowed me to hug him. We really need to give him proper spanking to discipline him. I have been reluctant to get a cane. But after reading the article on spanking, I decided that we can’t spare him the rod. Some children just need to be disciplined.

I thought Thursday night was really wonderful. I reached home at around 10:15 pm after the Ladies Discipleship Cell. Both father and son were soundly asleep. Unfortunately, Jordan woke up before 5 am the next day. Sigh.

On Friday night, we left him at the babysitter so that both of us could recuperate. Hehehe! I had to work on Saturday and Seng Chor had training on Saturday and Sunday.

Lately, I have been feeling more movements from my baby. It's a beautiful feeling indeed. I started feeling the bubbly sensation in the womb towards the end of the second month. Last week, I felt some strong movements. I didn't just dream about it but I felt it too. I hope to know whether the baby is Jemimah or Josiah end of this month.

Looking forward to rest more over the weekend.

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