Monday, July 28, 2008

I can’t wait…

(Jordan’s milestones)

1st anticipation – No more burping session
I couldn’t wait for Jordan’s burping sessions to end. We didn’t need to burp him after 6 months. I didn’t like to see the sight of him throwing out his milk.

2nd anticipation - Crawling
Next, it was the crawling stage. Yes, Jordan started to crawl before he turned 7 months old. He also started to stand (holding furniture) around that age but he hardly cruise.

The funniest thing was that he crawled on 3 ie. 2 hands and 1 leg for about 7 months or so.

3rd anticipation - Walking
Finally, he decided to walk after 14 months! What a long wait!

4th anticipation - Talking
Jordan babbled a lot when he was a baby. He has a small mouth and his lips look sharp, and according to some people, it is a sign of a good talker. I think his first word was “bread”. Then, it was “car”. He was about 1 year old.

He started to talk more after he turned 2 years old. He spoke his first sentence early this year.

He is really talkative and I love it. He often asks questions like, “Where”, “What”, “How”, “Who”. He doesn’t know how to ask “Why” yet. So, I am waiting for that stage now.

5th anticipation – Story Telling
Some parents have been telling me how their child relates stories of the daily happenings to them after work. I have been trying to get Jordan to tell me what he did and what he ate at the babysitter. Most of the time, it’s a Question and Answer session.

Mummy: What did you eat?
Jordan: Rice
Mummy: Did you eat biscuit?
Jordan: Yes

Occasionally, he would tell me stories about the babysitter scolding one of the kids there. He also told me that the babysitter would ask him to eat faster. I hope to hear more stories from him. I would love to hear him telling me stories from the school in future.

6th anticipation – Obedience
Last weekend, I screamed at him and spanked him countless times. I have been using a wooden chopstick as a spanking instrument. He just refused to listen to us. He didn’t want to wash his hands. He touched things he was not supposed to touch even after countless warnings. What to do? Spank! He would purposely throw things around and seem to be expecting you to scold him after that. He was tired but refused to sleep.

We don’t like to spank him or scream at him. We want to teach him to obey. This is tough. Reasoning with him doesn’t seem to work. What to do? Spank!

7th anticipation – Sit still
I am still waiting for the time that he could actually sit still during worship. It seems that at this moment, the only thing to keep him sitting down is food. He ate quite a lot peanuts and pistachio yesterday during worship. Thankfully, he drinks a lot of water too. But after half an hour he was restless and started to bug everyone.

Every Sunday is chaotic. I hope that one day, he could sit down on his own – do some colouring, reading, and not running all over the place, demanding this and that non-stop.

Other anticipations…
I hope he doesn’t grow up too fast. I should enjoy every milestone. There are more challenges as they grew older. I hope that he would continue to stick to me.

This weekend the church will be having a prayer retreat at Kundang. I have decided not to leave him at the babysitter for the weekend. I know that it will be tough to take care of him but I want to spend as much time as I can with him. I hope to scold him less and not to spank him at all. Seng Chor will be attending training for the weekend.

Mummy will always love you, Jordan.

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