Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ministering Spiritual Gifts – What I’ve received

26 September 2008

The Lord says…
Glorify Him
Bless His Name
The earth is filled with His glory
He is Almighty

The Lord says…
Trust in me and lean not on your own understanding

The Lord says…
Be bold and be strong

The Lord says…
I will provide you the strength to make that turn
I will give you anything that you ask, just have faith in me.
The train is arriving, get ready
The seed is small, but it will grow

Christine, the Lord Jesus says…
You are a beautiful Christmas bauble to me, colourful, sparkling, beautiful in My sight. I love you. I adore you. You bring me great joy. Let your beauty shine forth to reflect my own. Let our colours light up the night. Let our light, yours from mine outshine darkness around you.

The Lord says…
I will give you peace in your heart and shine a light to you.

The Lord says…
In peace I come. It is peace I want to give to you.
Do not be anxious for I am with you all the way, to love you and to protect you and prosper you.

The Lord says…
You are My precious pearl drop, so beautiful in My eyes, so pure and crystal clear.

The Lord says…
You are precious and the apple of My eye
I am with you always
No matter how small the things that you do for me, it is significant to me.

The Lord says…
You will do mighty acts for me
I will give you strength to fly like the eagles.
You are significant to me.
Seek me at all times.

29 September 2008

Visions/Words/Impressions received through seeing, hearing and feeling …
Queen Esther
• Position to exercise authority
• Influence
• Authority
• Represent God
• With God’s authority

Book with blank pages
God fill up the pages
The pages represent things done for God

Deep sense of peace
Not shaken
Fix eyes on Jesus
Jesus is my strength and source of peace

Precious child
You have done well
God is pleased with you
God sees your faithfulness
You will finish strong
Remain in me and I will remain in you
Psalm 37:4
Do not be anxious

Happily playing together
Difficulties are small
Big things ahead

Worth so much in the sight of God
- Never doubt that
- Believe it
Enable to do much for Him within the family
God will answer
Press on
Fight for your family

Baby cot with baby inside
Everything is pink in colour
Hospital – holding baby.

Piece of jewellery (locket)
Precious in His sight
God will use me
God will bring people to me to share the good news
Bring beauty into others life.

Silver necklace with ornaments
White colour
Bunch of grapes



In summary…
What I’ve received during that 3 days were consistent.
There were 2 main areas that God spoke to me:
* God will give me PEACE (with respect to Jemimah)
* I am a PRECIOUS child of God
(Christmas bauble, diamond, necklace, pearl drop)

I am really encouraged and blessed.

Praise the Lord!

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