Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check up on 20 October 2008

My pregnancy is progressing well. During the check up, Jemimah looked fine and the water surrounding her looked good. She weighed about 1 kg.

The gynecologist asked whether I would opt for caesarean, I said yes and suggested 31 December 2008 as the date to perform the operation. He asked whether there is any preferred time. We said no, but preferred to have the operation in the morning.

After the check up, I happily announced to my family and friends that Jemimah will be delivered on 31 December 2008 – same birthday as my sister. This is the date that I wanted. The other option is 1 January 2009.

But…now, there is a change. My parents-in-laws disagree with the date. According to the Chinese calendar, the date clashes with my animal zodiac – Pig, and it brings some kind of bad luck. Mum-in-law suggested that 24 December 2008 is the best date. As Christians, of course, we don’t believe in this. However, out of respect for my in-laws, we will consider changing the date.

My next check-up is on Monday, 17 November 2008. We need to confirm with the gynecologist on the actual due date, and work from there. If I STILL opt for caesarean, it has to be done at least 10 days before the actual delivery date.

Well, we will keep seeking the Lord for His perfect will and timing for Jemimah.

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