Wednesday, October 01, 2008

BEng (Hons) EEE - SHU 1C

This academic year is the first time I'm teaching Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Year 1 students. The module is Introduction to Programming, which is, actually C++ programming - my forte.

The photo below was taken during my 4th lecture with them at the newly renovated ECAD Lab (Electronic Computer-Aided Design), Level 6. There are about 32 of them (the number is not stable yet) and no girls in the class.

What do I think of them? Their attendance is good so far, and they seemed attentive throughout the lecture. Their attitude seemed good as well.

The first lab session that I had with them went well. It was an introduction to the Microsoft Visual C++ Integrated Development Environment. I was on medical leave for the second lab session but I arranged the lab exercises to be printed for them to do during my absence. Surprisingly, the attendance was even better than the lecture in the morning, and all of them completed the lab exercises. What an encouragement!

However, quite a number of them struggled in the last lab session. It was related to program design. The limited number of PCs in the lab was not helpful at all. Almost half of the class had to share computer. Problem solving tasks are always difficult for students. I will need to revise with them next week. I have told them that the topics will be getting more and more difficult. They must practise more.

I’m glad that I have managed to arrange a better computer lab for them starting next week. Thank God that the lab is available during my slot. It is usually fully booked.

I hope that they would continue to show interest in this module, and be motivated to learn.

(Wednesday, 24 September 2008)

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