Thursday, October 26, 2006

Penang - Good and Bad

On Saturday, we left the house at 6:30 am. Then, we picked up Seng Chor's Aunty at Damansara Jaya and headed straight for Penang. Traffic was quite bad until Rawang. Smoother after that. Then, bad again nearing Ipoh. We had one toilet break, and stopped shortly at Ipoh for brunch. Jordan was manageable throughout the journey. Finally, reached Penang around 1 pm. So, the whole journey took 6 hours - almost twice the usual duration! [Bad]

On arrival, we had prawn mee - specially prepared by my in-laws. It's one of their specialties. Yummy! I had one bowl and Seng Chor had 2 bowls. Even though I normally avoid spicy food but their prawn mee must not be missed. They only cooked it on special occasion - when we are back. Hee! Hee! Actually, it was I who requested Seng Chor to ask them to prepare. So nice of them to agree. A lot of hard work is involved - peel the prawns, grind the shells for the soup, cook the soup with lots of ingredients inside. Hmm...that's a secret recipe. [Good]

Later in the afternoon, my sis-in-law, her hubby and her adorable son Jeffrey - my nephew arrived. Of course, he has grown bigger. He's eyes are bigger too - still look very much like his daddy. He is more active now but still see him sleeping most of the time. Glad to see them again. [Good]

On Sunday, we visited my dad-in-law's paper cup factory in Nibong Tebal. Will upload some photos later. It is in a new location. The place is bigger and looks more organised. After lunch, we went to Pacific Megamall to do some shopping for Jordan. [Good]

Nightmare began...Jordan was restless at night. He woke up every 2 hours. He refused to drink milk/cereal. He didn't want to sleep as well. Just wanted to crawl around. Seng Chor and I had to take turns to accompany him until morning. Because of that, I caught a cold. [Bad][Bad].

On Monday morning, we went to Penang Island with my in-laws. We took the ferry. It was first time for Jordan. [Good] experience for him. On arrival, they took me to see a doctor. I had a slight fever, throat infection, flu and slight cough. I was supposed to rest but...after that, still had to go to Prangin Mall and Gurney Plaza. [Bad]

Jordan slept better on Monday night - from 2 am until the next morning. I didn't sleep well because of my blocked nose. I am still suffering from it. Throat is better, no more fever, but the nose is still unwell. I have finished the flu medicine. Just need to finish up the antibiotic today. [Bad]

We left Penang at around 9 am on Tuesday. Traffic was [good], and we arrived home before 1 pm. We stopped over at the Tapah rest place. I was happy to buy some fruits back. I was sort of craving for the fruit (don't know the name) after eating one from Uncle Wing Cheong. It was bought by Roy in the same place. I think the fruit belongs to the guava family but it's skin is shiny, smooth and reddish. [Good]

So, after all, the trip ended with a [Good] note. Jordan is drinking and sleeping well also. :)

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