Monday, October 16, 2006

It's time to child-proof our home

Jordan Teoh Shang Xian is already 10 months old! He turned 10 months old on Saturday, 14 October 2006. Now is a good time to think about baby proofing our home.

According to the, this is how I can help him ...
  • Encourage him to walk by pushing a trolley or using other support.

  • Read different types of stories and magazines to him, pointing out the pictures and asking questions that he can respond to.

  • Encourage him to give me the toy when I ask for it (but don’t force him) and reward him with cuddles and kisses.

  • Let him play with objects that fit together, or are different sizes so he can practice putting objects inside each other.

  • When I speak to him use sentences that associate names with actions, like “Daddy has gone to work”, and “Mummy is going out”.

  • Make finger puppets and have them dance to music and sing nursery rhymes.

  • Introduce toys that he can ride on and learn to move forwards and backwards.

  • Give him crayons and paper to draw with and use lots of colors. (Hmmm...probably not)

  • Use household items like small towels or socks rolled up for him to use as a ball to throw and drop.

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