Monday, October 09, 2006

Eventful First Week of October

Last week...starting 2 October 2006

Return of the Year 2 and 3 students. Had discussion with some of them regarding their Final Year Project. 5 students have registered for my Project titles. 'Business' is as good as before. In previous years, students have been selecting my titles. So, my Project supervision load always reach the maximum load. Good or bad?

First AI lecture with Year 3 students. 4 Computing students registered, and this morning found out that all the Engineering students have registered to take this module. *Aiyo!* Why, oh why? I should have warned them that this module has a high failure rate. Hee! Hee!
Had lunch at Ikea with a long-time good friend - Edward. Good chat and time of catching up.

Course and Project briefing with Year 3 students in the afternoon - full attendance.
Night: Line Dance performance at KBU Multipurpose Hall for the Mid-Autumn Festival event.
7 of us performed a line dance called Playa Latino. I did it for fun, and it was fun indeed. The moves were not perfect but it was a good effort after a week of practice.

Lecture on Project - morning and afternoon - few students missing. Typical!
These were the last two lectures on the Final Year Project.

Went to UM with Yoke Lai to visit my Supervisor. Gave him a copy of my article which was published on the newspaper. He got appointed as the Deputy Dean for the Postgraduate recently. Good to see him again. Heard that he is currently supervising a PhD student doing the same research area as mine - Intelligent Tutoring Systems.
College closed at 4 pm because of Mid-Autumn Festival.
Night: Prayer and Praise at Antioch Centre. Special prayer for Aunty Luan.

Bathed Jordan alone.
To 1 Utama for dinner and groceries.

Growth Group meeting at Roy and Selvi's
Visited Uncle and Aunty Lim
Then, to Bukit Beruntung Chapel Sunday School - only 7 children came because of the Mid-Autumn Festival season. So, didn't conduct lesson with the Junior class - only 1 came and she slept after the singing session.

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