Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two months

Two months – that’s how long Jemimah has departed from us. 24th of every month is a depressing day. There are still more sad memories than happy memories of her.

On Thursday (23 April 2009), I was down with a high fever. I felt a bit uncomfortable in the morning but still carried on with my lecture. During the break at about 10:30 am, I was shivering. I knew that I would have a fever. I still lecture until 12 noon. I had Maggi mee for lunch at about 1 pm at the canteen. After that, Seng Chor came to the College to take me to the doctor in Centrepoint. My fever was 39 degrees. The doctor advised me to take the medicine immediately even before I leave the clinic. I was also having a headache and feeling dizzy. I was given medical leave for two days – Thursday and Friday.

I slept the whole afternoon. Yesterday, I slept the whole day as well but still felt dizzy. The fever went up to 40 degrees. My throat was really painful. It is still painful but no more fever.

I realized that I haven’t been drinking much water for the past two months. I used to take 2 bottles of water to work. But now, I take only one bottle and yet didn’t even manage to finish it. It’s depressing.


Wooi Chen said...

Don't think too much and take a very good care of yourself. Cheer up!

jinghan said...

cheer up =) be strong and jemimah would be glad to see that! take care Dr.Christine

A gift from God said...

You have to take care of yourself. Jordan and Seng Chor still need you. Jemimah may not be with you, but she is in very good hands and you still have to care for your family.