Thursday, April 30, 2009

Redang with Happy Memories of Jemimah

Seng Chor, Jordan and I will be joining Seng Chor's friends to Redang tomorrow, 1 May 2009. Exactly one year ago, I was there - with Jemimah in my womb. We went diving, snorkelling and swimming together. Af first, I was not looking forward to this trip at all. There will be many memories of her and it will be painful. I was feeling bad for the past few days - cried on and off, at work and home. This morning, I decided to take the happy memories of her with me. I will still be emotional but at least the memories would be special. It will be good to spend time with Jordan as well. He will definitely enjoy himself.

Happy Labour Day to all - whether you are working at home (especially, the Mums) or in the office!

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Anonymous said...

Very glad to note that you have had happy memories of Jemimah during your recent Redang trip. We didnt know it was the first anniversary of your trip with Jemimah.It's certainly a memorable trip where you could recall fond and positive memories of her. Let such happy memories prevail throughout the rest of your lives. God bless you all always and in all ways.