Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Painting and Roof Fixing (Day 6)

(Saturday, 25 April 2009.)

Painting completed.

I was really happy with the blue paint but the finishing paint of the gate and grilles saddens me. We agreed on the blue colour but the supposedly 'brown' colour was chosen by Seng Chor without consulting us. He said that it was brown on the catalogue but it turned to be REDdish brown. We are extremely disappointed. My sister commented cynically - "Our house now looks like a Chinese Temple." Visitors will definitely never miss our house - it's the brightest in the row.

The new light chosen by Seng Chor is a consolation.
(By the way, red happens to be Seng Chor's favourite colour.)

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Anonymous said...

Dad and I viewed the photos and both of us have the same opinion: it's a 'nice' colour, not too gaudy. It seems we like the colour, but I'm not sure if I may change my mind when I do see it face to face, hahaha. So for now, be consoled that it isn't that 'bad'and of course, it's very easy for ppl to identify the house.Pa and Ma