Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nine Pounds of Heaven

I had nine pounds of Heaven
that I rocked to sleep at night,
and I often watched you sleeping
long after turning out the light.

I'm sure the angels missed you
although crazy as it sounds,
Heaven must have felt quite empty
when they loaned me those nine pounds.

My heart is now that empty
and I miss you day and night.
But as I hold onto your memories,
I know now, Heaven is alright.

I'll always hold you in my heart,
'til once again I behold your face
in a Heavenly celebration
when He calls me to that place.

(A Beautiful poem from a dear friend. The original author is unknown.)

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Auntie Esther said...

Dear Shang Mei,

How are you today? Have you been playing with little angels all day? Lord Jesus must be watching you with His loving eyes, carrying you in His bosom, keeping you safe from all fears. He would have told you every form of prayer your Mummy makes via daily devotion/email/blog/facebook..

Your Mummy misses you greatly beyond words can express, loves you beyond imagination. She longs to play with you, hold you in her arms, sing to you your favourite song, feed you, change you, bathe you. She wants to dress you up like a little doll. Your Mummy is a beautiful lady with a great sense of taste; and very intelligent and with a heart of gem - so caring and loving to others. You sure will follow after her footstep. Shang Mei, you're a very blessed baby to have been carried and borne by this awesome Mummy. You must be a very special baby to be given this blessing, to be called the daughter of Dr Christine Lee forever.