Tuesday, March 03, 2009

God spared me

It could have happened at home but it didn't. God spared me.

Whenever friends asked about Jemimah, I would say:
  • She is well
  • She is fine
  • She is an angel - just drink and sleep
She was a healthy and beautiful baby. She was a good baby.

What was the cause of her death? It's uncertain. According to the doctors, there were two possibilities - milk aspiration (drowned in her own milk) or S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) / cot death. They did all they could to revive her that fateful day. They were just pumping out so much milk from her lungs. They resuscitated her for 25 minutes. Jemimah didn't respond at all. She was certified at 6:15 pm.

Perhaps it's best that we do not know the actual cause. It was God's time to take her HOME. There was nothing that we could do - absolutely nothing.

Jemimah arrived with a loud cry but she left us peacefully.

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