Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reminiscence – 37th Birthday

Adult to a Kid: How old are you?
Kid: 6+

Comment by Adult:
Kids tend to add, “+” when asked about their age. They want to feel older.
Adults (especially those above 30) would most probably reply with something like, mid 20s, late 20s, early 30s, etc.

Well, whatever your age is, be proud of it. Yes, I have just celebrated my 37th birthday. Most people don’t believe that that’s my age. I would get the same expression almost every year – mouth wide opened, big eyes staring back at me.

It’s been an amazing year – more traveling, first dive, second pregnancy. It didn’t start well, but I think it’s going to end with a blast. (I’m carrying a ‘time bomb’ that can ‘explode’ anytime.)

Just one day before my birthday, I was kind of upset, and even told one of my closest friends, Yoke Kheng that I didn’t feel like celebrating. Amazingly, God renewed my joy on the eve of my birthday with a smiley face in the sky. I was so thrilled that I sent out almost 100 sms to friends and family to look at the smiley face. Two of them actually said that it’s God’s birthday gift to me. Wow!

On my birthday itself, Dolly, Yoke Kheng and Grace took me out for lunch at Bon Bon in Damansara Jaya (Atria). We had a good time of fellowship. Food was good too – I had soup, honey yogurt chicken, ice cream and cakes. When I went back to the office, I got a chocolate cake from some of colleagues. What a wonderful surprise. Then, later in the afternoon, a group of students came into my office, sang the Birthday song and presented me with a gift. I was really touched and blushed.

Throughout the day, I received lovely messages through sms, Facebook and email. I was overwhelmed.

For dinner, Seng Chor came back very late – almost 8:30 pm, and we still had to pick Jordan from the babysitter. I chose not to be upset but just enjoy the remaining day. Dinner was satisfactory. I was glad to see Jordan eating happily and enjoying himself. After dinner, we went home for the cake which my sis bought. It was a simple celebration with my family – hubby, son, sister and brother.

That’s how I spent my 37th Birthday.

Thank you, God.

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