Wednesday, December 10, 2008

N.O.W = No Other Way

The KBU Christian Fellowship is proud to have organized the N.O.W. concert at the KBU Multi-Purpose Hall on Saturday, 6 December 2008.

Preparations and concert practice started after August/September. The band members practiced twice a week – Tuesday and Friday at FGA Kepong. Thank God for the use of the venue and the equipment. God has done an amazing thing with the band members and the CF overall. It was the first evangelistic concert by the CF. It was a step of faith. God has seen the faithfulness in each of the member. I believed that they would remember this significant event forever, and continue to reflect upon the goodness of God.

I have uploaded eight videos of the concert into my YouTube account. Click this link - Amazing Grace to view my personal favourite. The video is also embedded in my precious blog post. When I first heard the song sang by Sarah during one of the concert practices, I had goose bumps. I experienced the same thing on the night of the concert. Sarah’s voice was really beautiful. It touched my heart and I felt the presence of God. Yoke Kheng shared that she had tears in her eyes. She recalled how the CF started with a very small number at the beginning of the year, and how God has brought the students in, and used them to organize this concert. It is really awesome. Only God could do the impossible. With God, everything is possible. God has united the team and strengthen their faith.

Though the crowd was out of our expectation (and it rained), I have learned to give thanks to God no matter what the circumstances and outcomes are. There were a few good responses from the feedback. God knows our limit and our ability.

I would like to share this thought by one of my Growth Group members:

“I have come to acknowledge that Expectation can have both positive and negative aspects. We need to embrace the positive aspect of Expectation and discard the negative aspect. This is because positive Expectation helps us to stay focus on God and nurture our prayer life. Negative aspect of Expectation mainly is a fruit of our own flesh and manifests itself in terms of disappointment, discouragement, self pity, etc. when things do not happen according to 'our' ways.

I believe when our Lord Jesus taught us to pray 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven', there is the positive element of healthy expectation.

When it comes to reaching out to the lost, I believe the Lord is more eager than we could ever imagine to bless us. We just need to stay in tune with His Spirit and Expect great things to happen.”

Yes, it is okay to have big expectations. The important thing is to remain faithful and believe God. The KBU Christian Fellowship has sown the seeds of salvation. We commit the people to God, and continue to trust God to work in their lives. God is marvelous, amazing, awesome, wonderful, and mighty to save!


The Band Members
David Woong - Lead Singer and Bass Guitar
Jabez Ho - Lead Singer and Acoustic Guitar
Samuel Lee - Lead Singer and Electric Guitar
Dwayne Ong - Second Electric Guitar
Jonathan Choong - Keyboard
Ho Poh Hui - Second Keyboard
Nicholas Eu - Drums
Danny Ler - Lead Singer and Backup Vocalist
Sarah Sim - Lead Singer and Backup Vocalist
Calvin Yong - Lead Singer and Backup Vocalist
Andrew Yem - Lead Singer and Backup Vocalist (imported)

Behind the scenes
Jason Pang - Logistics
Law Yit Mun – Logistics and Publicity
Jasmine, Venetia and Michelle – Posters, Invitation Cards and Wrist bands
Jason - Logistics and Projection
Ushers – Jae Von, Edwin, Franky, Leong, Parthiban and KDU CF
Intercessors from ANC, FGA and DUMC
KBU Student Services Department
Major Seven Music

Our deepest gratitude to our amazing speaker - Pastor Shawn Kong from Eagle Point Covenant Fellowship.

We also want to thank the KBU Management for their support.

Thank you for the love gift from staff and students.

All glory, honour, thanks and praise to
Almighty God!

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-mil- said...

Dr. Christine,

its been an honor in knowing you as brother in christ and also in person. you have been a pillar of strength for KBU Christian Fellowship and your effort have been deeply rewarded with the growing numbers of CF members

Best Regards and God Bless