Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Check up on 17 November 2008

Jemimah also known as Jem is now about 2.2 kg. The gynecologist predicted that she will be about 3.4 or 3.5 kg at birth. Yes, she is going to be a big baby. Yeah! That's what I want. She is growing well. Her head is facing downwards. She has been kicking quite a lot – pretty strong. It's a wonderful feeling indeed. She stretches every now and then. She is now about 33 weeks old in the womb – 7 more weeks before she enters the world.

We didn't set any date for her delivery. The actual due date is 5 January 2009. I am open to the mode of delivery – natural or cesarean. According to the gynecologist, the scar in my womb seems to be getting thinner. So, if Jemimah is big, it is not advisable to try natural birth. He will perform an internal checking in 3 weeks time, and see whether it is okay for me to go through natural birth. If cesarean, it will be performed between 26 December 2008 to 30 December 2008. Then, we may choose 30 December 2008 as the delivery day. We commit this matter to God. May God's will be done.

I have put on another 2 kgs – 1 kg for Jemimah and the other kg is mine. She has put on about 1 kg since last month. So far, I have put on 11 kgs. Now, my weight is 58.1 kg. I don't think I would reach my weight during Jordan's time – which was 67 kg! I put on more than 20 kgs at that time. I was fat! For this pregnancy, I lost a bit of weight at the beginning. I did more walking (and climbing). I could control my appetite better. In the third trimester (which is now), I don't feel hungry all the time. I eat less at night – take very little rice.

On my sleep, sometimes I sleep well, sometimes I don't. Last week, was pretty bad. Maybe because it was bad last week, this week seems better. I couldn't sleep on my left side at all. Jemimah would kick non-stop if I sleep in that position. I could now lie down on my right. She is okay with that position now. Previously, she didn't like it too, and I could only lie down on my back.

Last night, Jordan actually sang a song to Jemimah as I lied down on the bed. He invented the song himself, and even invited Jemimah to play with him, and share the toys with him. I can't remember how the song goes. But it has words like Jemimah and baby. It was a lovely sight indeed. So sweet. As suggested by Selvi, I will buy a gift on behalf of Jordan to give to Jemimah on her day of birth. I am thinking of getting a gift for Jordan from Jemimah. So, they can exchange gift. Hehehe!

Occasionally, we would ask Jordan to 'kiss' Jemimah and 'pat' her. We encourage him to start showing love to her. Hopefully, Jordan would adjust well to the arrival of Jemimah.

As the delivery date draws closer, I feel more and more excited. There is also more assurance of peace. I have been really busy. I am still very busy. I have just met a deadline. As a reward for my effort, I am now writing this post, and hope to share what I am busy with at the moment in my next post.

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