Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ABC Soup

Ingredients: Chicken drumstick, Carrot, Tomato, Potato, Onion and Corn.

I have been cooking ABC soup (Jordan calls it "Yummy soup") whenever I can on Saturdays for the past 2 to 3 months - its lunch for the whole family. Unfortunately, Jordan doesn't take it all the time. I would mix the soup with rice to feed him but he rarely eats. :( Last weekend, he drank one or two spoons only. He didn't want to eat the rice even though he helped me to wash the rice. So far, he has helped to wash the rice twice. Cool, eh?

What he ate most last weekend was chicken rice. He ate about half of my rice and 3 pieces of chicken. We always rejoice whenever he eats. The other type of food he eats is pizza with pineapple and chicken. Like most kids, he enjoys French fries. Oh, he likes hash brown too.

He is not putting on much weight. Why? He doesn't sleep much. He still sleeps after 11 pm or midnight, and he can get up between 6 to 7 am the next morning. Almost every night, we have to threaten him with the 'cane' (plastic stick to hold balloon) to get him to lie down quietly on the bed. He also hardly eat solid food during the weekend.

We seldom cane him nowadays but threaten him with the cane. He would listen almost immediately when he sees the cane. He would say things like, "Sleep already, no need cane." or "Good boy already, no need cane." I will post more of his amusing, smart and interesting responses in his blog soon. He is super smart, and often correct us.

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