Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Take it easy – rest and relax

Jordan still sleeps late, and on weekends, he doesn’t take his nap until almost 4 pm. I have learned to bear with his sleeping pattern. I would let him play until he grew tired. I would entertain him as much as I could. Then, he would suck his thumb, hold his napkin and sleep.

He throws tantrums more frequently. He does it by lying on the floor and whines/cries. Most of the time, we would just leave him lying down, and he would get up on his own. Sometimes he does it with no apparent reason. One second he would be crying/whining, and another second smiling. I still don’t understand him most of the time.

He amuses me most of the time with his sudden laughter. Occasionally, I get a surprise kiss while lying on the bed. The last one was this morning.

I am waiting for him to talk. He babbles most of the time, and I love to hear it.

I am not feeling so stressed up nowadays. Just taking things easy, one day at a time. Just have fun with him everyday, and let him have fun too. (He can sleep whenever he wants.)

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