Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cheeky Boy is getting Smarter

Jordan a.k.a. Cheeky Boy was born in December 2005. That year, 4 of my colleagues also gave birth – 2 girls and 2 boys, and 1 from my church – a boy. Jordan was the youngest, and so, his development seemed slower but within the normal development chart. He was still crawling when all the babies have started walking. Moreover, he was crawling with only one leg. I was so anxious to see him walk. Actually, he started to stand at an early age – between 6 to 7 months. I thought that he would learn to walk early. Most of the babies started to walk when they were 12 months old. Jordan was hardly cruising as well. 12 months – still crawl with a limp, 13 months – took baby steps, 14 months – just after the Chinese New Year, he walked suddenly. Halleluiah! I was thrilled. Life was easier. I’m really glad that he didn’t really cruise much. I think I would have a hard time following him, but probably lose weight faster.

Now, all the babies have started to talk and read too. Some even have conversations with their parents, and have started to ask a lot of questions. As for Jordan, he is just beginning to say more words meaningfully. It’s a good start.

Lately, he has been surprising me with new words. Last night, he took a block labeled 2, and repeatedly said, “two”. He also pointed at his books and said, “book”. On Monday night, he saw an ant on the floor, and blurted out, “ant”. Every night, he looks for his teddy bears, and calls them “bear-bear”. Funnily, he calls the lizard, “cockroach”. He still looks out for cockroaches.

Last Saturday (25 August 2007) night, 10 pm+, he suddenly repeatedly asked for bread. We didn’t have any bread at home. So, we took him and drove to the nearest petrol station to buy bread for him. When he wants his milk, he would say, “Nen-nen”. It’s easier to feed him now, and he rarely wastes his milk.

When he wants something and he doesn’t know the word, he would point and say, “there”.

Occasionally, I could hear him mumble, “thank you”, when I give him something. He seems to say something like, “Let’s go” whenever we are about to go out.

I’m really, really looking forward to have a conversation with him. He can bug me anytime with his questions. He can ask as many questions as he likes. I want to read to him stories every night. I love to talk to him, and I love to hear him talk.

Unfortunately, he still rarely calls me, “Mummy”.

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