Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tending a child who is unwell…

A child who is unwell normally whines and cries more. They crave for full attention, and often want to be carried. Sometimes, they may cry hysterically or even become self-abusive. I have experienced all these with my 17-month old precious son. On some occasions, you may need to take care of your child alone. It is definitely very tough.

What do you need? What are the dos and don’ts?

* You need to express lots of TLC – Tender Loving Care.

* You definitely need lots of patience.

* If you are a believer, pray for your child. Get others to pray as well.

* When the child turns self-abusive (occasionally my son would push his head to the back strongly), immediately carry the child and hold the child’s head carefully.

* Sing to your child.

* Play his/her favourite song, movie.

* Get his/her favourite toy or comfort item. For my son, napkin is his comfort. For some, it could be a pillow or bolster.

* If you can, take him/her for a ride in the car. It normally calms them down.

* Rock or cradle him/her.

* Shower him/her with kisses.

* Offer him/her water. If possible, try different ways – various cups, from straw, etc.

* Don’t scream at the poor child. It’s bad already for the child for falling sick. It’s not their fault. If we screamed at the child, the problem is actually on our side, not the child. It will make us feel worse.

* Don’t abuse the precious one. Children are blessings from God. They don’t deserve to be ill-treated. They need more gentleness.

* It is important that you call for help/back up if you can’t handle the child on your own. Call a family member, friend or anyone that you can reach for support. If you are mentally or physically stressed, it’s best that you are not left alone with your child. Do what’s best for yourself and your child.

* Always think of all the beautiful moments you have spent with your child. Their angelic face and occasion smile will surely melt your heart away.

Above all, pray continuously for your child.

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