Friday, May 11, 2007

Amusing, fun, loving times with Jordan

Occasionally, I would ask Jordan how he is or what he’s doing. Many times, he would answer me with a, “Huh?” or “Ah?”

Normally, Jordan goes quite near to watch the TV. Seng Chor and I would always call him to move further from the TV. Last weekend when I called him, he actually walked backwards while his eyes were still glued to the TV.

Last weekend, I fell asleep on the sofa while Jordan was sitting beside me, watching his VCD. He sat next to me quietly for about 20 minutes.

Last Friday night (4 May 2007), I called the babysitter to find out how Jordan was doing. Her reply, “Jordan is sitting on the floor, reading his book.”

Jordan looks to us for praise whenever he achieves something (e.g. putting a block in the right place). We would clap our hands and he would clap along as well. Or he would clap his hands and look at us, expecting us to do the same thing.

Whenever Jordan chokes (especially while drinking water), occasionally, he would pat his chest. I think the babysitter taught him to do that. Sometimes, he would try to exaggerate his choking or pretend to choke.

Mummy says, “Dog”. Jordan says, “Wow, wow.”

Thursday morning(10 May 2007)
Mummy asked Daddy for a kiss, and showed Jordan. Jordan followed and kissed Mummy on the cheek too.

Cheeky Jordan will be 17 months old soon…

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