Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kisses, kisses and more kisses

Last night, cheeky Jordan kissed Mummy 12 times! Yes, TWELVE times! Most of the kisses landed on the Mummy’s lips. He gave Mummy first 3 kisses downstairs – 2 on the cheeks and one on the lips.

Later, during bed time, he suddenly got up and kissed Mummy 9 times! After the 7th kiss, he seemed to realize that Daddy was next to him. So, he went over to Daddy and kissed him too. Then, came over to Mummy - *muak*, Daddy again - *muak*, and finally, Mummy - *muak*. All these happened without prompting.

Actually, he has been kissing Mummy most nights before bed time without Mummy asking him. So sweet! Mummy is no longer jealous…

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