Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My First Blog first blog. What should I write?

Well...this morning, I sent my baby boy Jordan to the babysitter. Hubby Seng Chor is away for his company trip in Miri. He left after 5 am this morning. As usual, after breastfeeding Jordan, I drove my Kancil with Jordan safely strapped onto the car seat. He looked rather tired. Didn't really move much throughout the journey to SS2. It was different from last night. Last night, he actually turned around to face the windscreen. Probably, trying to get a better view from the car. Still in the car seat, he banged on the dashboard a few times. Seng Chor said that, that was the second time he turned this way, and twice also with me in the back seat. He doesn't behave like this when I'm not in the car. I think he was excited to see me. Hee! Hee! When Seng Chor drives, he doesn't strap him to the car seat but I do because I'm not strong enough to control him while I'm driving. Anyway, we reached the babysitter's place safely. He was still pretty quiet. He gave quite a big yawn as I was leaving.

I'm going to miss him tonight. As Seng Chor is not around, I have decided to leave him at the babysitter for two nights. So, will pick him up after work on Friday. He has been bullying me when Seng Chor was not around. Whenever he sees me, he cries for my attention. I had a tough time with him last weekend, and also when Seng Chor was away in Kuantan for work. With a heavy heart, I decided to keep him in SS2 for 2 nights. But I'll probably have a hard time with him on Saturday as Seng Chor will be back late. I can still leave him there until Seng Chor returns...but on second thought, no. Just hope he behaves better. :)


Ken said...

Hey Dr (Prof soon ah?)

Nice start.

Keep the sharing coming.

God bless you.

mimi 2 u said...

hello buddy!